Fort Lauderdale Workers Compensation Defense Attorney

Representing Employers & Insurers in Workers’ Compensation Claims

As a Workers Compensation Attorney, An employer may face a number of challenges when dealing with workers’ compensation claims. After a work-related accident or injury, an injured employee will seek benefits. An employer should seek legal counsel not only to ensure that the claims process is properly handled but to prevent and address any additional claims, such as allegations of employer retaliation, wrongful termination or similar misconduct.

Fortunately, Florida employers and insurance companies can turn to the workers’ compensation defense attorneys at Florida Business Attorneys for experienced and dedicated defense counsel. Just as an injured worker has the right to seek fair compensation for medical expenses and lost earnings for an injury that occurs on the job, an employer has the right to determine the validity of a claim and to challenge workers’ compensation fraud.  An employee may claim that an injury was sustained at work or may try to get more than the fair value of their claim by exaggerating their injuries or committing misrepresentation or fraud. Florida Business Attorneys handles workers’ compensation defense and is ready to defend your company.

 Fort Lauderdale Workers’ Compensation Defense Lawyer

A strategic approach can ensure a swift and beneficial resolution in a workers’ compensation dispute.  Your defense lawyer at the firm will fight aggressively protect your company’s interests.  The legal team works with investigators and expert witnesses to carefully investigate exactly how an accident occurred, review the medical evidence involved and determine whether the injury can truly be attributed to the workplace.  If a third party can be held liable or if the employee is attempting to commit fraud, the firm will work to expose this in order to limit the employer’s liability.

Contact a Fort Lauderdale workers’ compensation defense lawyer at the firm today if you are an employer or workers’ compensation insurance company seeking experienced, aggressive defense counsel, please call: (954) 384-0998, (561) 651-0998, (813) 865-0998 and (305) 280-0095.