Florida Administrative Hearings and Appeals Attorney

As Florida Hearings and Appeals Attorneys, we have a track record of success and extensive experience representing clients in administrative hearings and appeals involving challenges to or support of various decisions of government boards and agencies, in areas such as permitting, licensing, development orders, enforcement, ordinance promulgation, rulemaking, and bid disputes. The types of proceedings involved may include:

  • Adjudicatory hearings before the Division of Administrative Hearings (such as permit or license challenges, enforcement defense, rule challenges, bid protests)
  • Hearings before state agency boards and commissions
  • Appeals of final agency decisions to district courts of appeal
  • Formal and informal hearings before local governmental bodies such as city and county commissions, boards of zoning and appeals, and code enforcement boards
  • Hearings before hearing officers appointed by local governments
  • Certiori proceedings in circuit court to challenge the decisions of local governmental bodies
  • Emergency proceedings involving permit or license revocation


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