As a Florida Federal Attorney, Silverberg & Weiss, handles federal litigation matters in the Southern, Middle and Northern District of Florida and the Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Florida.  These cases range from complex commercial litigation to labor and wage disputes to securities violations to bankruptcy adversaries to international law matters.  Silverberg & Weiss, Florida Federal Attorneys, has successfully handled trials before Federal juries and Federal judges.

As a Florida Federal Attorney, Silverberg & Weiss, has served as local counsel for attorneys practicing outside the State of Florida or otherwise not admitted in Florida’s Federal Court System.  We assist with local knowledge of the judges, procedures, opposing counsel and the Local Rules.

There are several ways to have a Federal lawsuit.  Besides initially filing for a Federal litigation, you can consider removing (moving) a State case to Federal court, if the case or parties qualify. We have extensive experience in determining the qualification of a case to be filed or removed to Federal court and actually having the case successful removed to Federal court.  We have also assisted clients in having matters remanded (moved) back to State court from Federal court.

Federal Attorney For Complex Commercial Litigation

Federal Lawyer For FLSA

Federal Attorneys For Security Litigation

Federal Lawyers For Bankruptcy Cases

As Florida Federal Bankruptcy Attorneys, we represent creditors seeking to block debtors discharge and their attempt to avoid payment of the subject debt.  We handle bankruptcy matters in the Southern District of Florida with court locations in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach.  As Florida Bankruptcy Lawyers, we represent creditors in adversary proceedings, challenges to exemptions, location of assets and determination of non-dischargeability proceedings.  We handle Chapter 7, 11 and 13 Florida Bankruptcy cases.