Agency & Distributorship

We have represented foreign companies seeking U.S. business opportunities and U.S. business seeking to expand internationally in various industries from medical to food to retail products.  Entering a foreign market involves both considerable investment and risk. Some of these risks can be limited by using agents or distributors instead of establishing a branch office or a subsidiary in a foreign country. We help clients in drafting agreements, negotiating critical terms, employee and pursing and defending against breaches of sales contracts, including consideration the application of the UN Convention on the International Sale of Goods.  Because distributorship and agency law varies from country to country and may involve UN laws, it is important to engage a law firm with experience in representing clients in foreign markets.

Agency and Distributorship Attorney – Agency and Distributorships Laws

Whether to engage an agent or a distributor is an important consideration for any business. The agency relationship is usually more flexible and allows the principal to retain higher gross profit. On the other hand, a distributor will usually be better established in the foreign market.  Our experience in international business law provides clients, who are engaged in foreign markets or who wish to enter foreign markets, with a significant advantage.

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